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Whether in a group classroom setting or a private, one-on-one class, Yamuna Body Rolling is the natural extension of Yamuna Body Logic. It allows everyone to use the tools created by Yamuna to independently work towards alignment and body freedom.
In a Yamuna Body Rolling class one learns to work on each part of the body, rolling the appropriate ball (vis-à-vis size and firmness) from the buttocks to the calf; from the tail bone up to the skull; from the abdomen up to the collar bone; from the collar bone out to the shoulder joint; and so on. Everywhere you have muscle connecting from one place to the next; this is the path along which Yamuna Body Rolling takes you.
Yamuna Body Rolling gives you the ability to “work on yourself ” any time, anywhere, forever.


Improved posture
Increased range of motion
Improved alignment in all parts of the body
Increased muscle tone
Increased flexibility
Increased organ function


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16 julio, 2014

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