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The results are greater range of motion in all the joints, a longer freer body, increased circulation and improved alignment.

What makes this treatment great is that there is no direct pressure like in a deep tissue or trigger point type of treatment. This means the pain or discomfort factor is very low and the results are very high. The use of traction and the ball disperses any tension, tightness or muscle contraction.

We recommend this treatment for anyone who is very physically fit and works out often. Elite athletes love this treatment as it improves their performances measurably. Anyone who is noticing restriction in their range of motion in any of their joints should try this therapy and not just “live with the restriction” because they are getting older.

There are key joints in the body-the hips, the knees, the ankles, the shoulders- where, over time, we begin to stiffen and find our range of motion restricted. This treatment, while also relaxing and nurturing, offers an absolutely defin- able increase in range of motion for the vast majority of those who experience this Yamuna service.

YOGA students need to develop strong and well aligned feet, ankles, knees and legs in order to avoid injuries in standing asanas.


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14 agosto, 2014

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